Understanding Why Weight Gain Happens

Understanding the causes of weight gain: metabolic, psychological and behavioral provides the cornerstone for real and sustainable lifestyle modification that will allow each individual to achieve their own weight and wellness goals.

Determine Your Weight Loss Goals

Whether you’re looking to shed the “last ten pounds” or you’re in need of long-term coaching and metabolic therapy, we can help you to create a tailored approach using dietary modification and GLP-1 medications to achieve success. There is no food to buy, gimmicks or other temporary solutions, just lasting change and a new you! 

Step 1: Assessment
  • Full metabolic and behavioral assessment with your coach including detailed history and laboratory evaluation.
  • Education on behavioral modifications for weight loss, and nutrition.
  • Selection of appropriate medications to assist in overcoming your metabolic drivers of weight gain.

Step 2: Active Change
  • Six to twelve months of monthly coaching, behavioral modification and medication to achieve 10-20% body weight loss.
Step 3: Maintenance
  • Quarterly meetings with your coach to help you sustain your healthier weight to establish a new set point.

Telehealth Only Weight Management

In-Person Only Weight Management (St.Louis)

Real Weight Loss Reviews Direct from our Patients

“Starting my health journey with Dr. Walsh has been FANTASTIC. Initially, I came in to seek help with ovulation pain management. I had never considered having medical weight loss. With her guidance, support and encouragement. I have not only lost 30 pounds, but I have built habits that will allow me to live healthier. For the first time in my life I feel in control of my pain and weight. I now strive to meet my health goals and look forward to our visits. A huge thank you to Dr. Allison Walsh and her team for all of their help.”

— M.I.

“Thank you for all you have done for me in my weight loss journey! I was embarrassed to admit I needed help in my weight loss but you made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. You talked to me about my goals, listened attentively and together we developed an individualized plan that fit my needs and lifestyle. Our monthly check-ins were exactly what I needed and I am so pleased with the progress. Thank you for everything!”

— A.M.

“Just a line to let patients know how very talented and caring Dr. Allison Walsh has been with me and continues to be with me through my weight loss. I came to Dr. Walsh at my wits end looking for help with weight loss. I had traveled many different avenues on this quest. When I started with Dr. Allison I was very impressed with her thorough examination of my present and former weight struggles. I had gained quite a bit of weight leading me to obesity. Dr. Allison started me on my journey through healthy eating habits and treatment which led me to like myself again. She continues to be very supportive in my endeavor. I highly recommend Dr. Allison Walsh for her one on one personal care. I really was at a very depressed state and can not thank her enough for giving me back my life. Very Thankful”

— J. E.

“I wanted to reach out and let you know just how incredible this weight loss journey has been for me.  It’s truly impacted every aspect of my life, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and intellectually as well.  When I started this journey in November 2021, my goal was to lose 50 pounds and avoid becoming diabetic.  I’m continuing to lose weight, but more importantly, I’m a much healthier person and all my annual labs show it!!!  So, now, when anyone asks me what my goal is I tell them, I already met it….she’s here, she’s healthy, I like her and she’s pretty!!! “

— K.D.